I am Lori


I create stories and content that do what they're supposed to — be memorable and make you feel something. I work with clients large and small, full time and part time, to accomplish their business and creative goals.


Purpose-driven stories that win the internet.


I also once ghostwrote tweets for Judd Apatow. True story. Ask about it.

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Storytelling Projects

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As the founder and creative director of multiple platforms, movements and creative content initiatives, I'm always testing the freshest ideas about growth, marketing and storytelling for clients.

ideas can be Real things. To stay ahead of the algorithm changes, and the evolving media and marketing landscape, my philosophy is to get ideas in the real world, so I can get real results to pass onto my clients. ThESE Are some of my favorite projects, past and present.

Copywriting and Content Direction on Snips.ai’s Intro to AI, a masterful microsite that explains the mystery and magic of AI in headlines and need-to-know blurbs.

UX Copywriter for Snips.ai’s Capsule, a pilot project (and Product Hunt favorite!) that was the first app to use Snips’ proprietary private artificial intelligence.

Copywriting, creative and video direction for the American release of Taika Waititi’s “Boy” — including 360 management of its American Release, which became Kickstarter’s first 6 figure movie fundraise.

Creative and video direction for Curious Elixirs — concepting, editing, producing and directing their highest performing social media ad, What Its Like When You’re Not Drinking.

Co-founder of Cool People for HIllary, featured in the New York Times.

I'm the founder of the American Neighbor's Pen Pal Project (We pair urban kids with rural pen pals --- 2,000 kids matched and counting) 

I'm co-founder of "Who Should I Cheer For Today?" - a resource and newsletter celebration of cheer-worthy athletes

I'm host and creator of "Won't You Be?" — a podcast that explores the neighborly lessons of Mr. Rogers. We've just launched our teaser ... more episodes in the Fall.

Founder of SaveDaptone.com, quite possibly the world's first micro-donation crowdfunding site, something I hand coded in ancient HTML in 2009 just to see if I could help out a friend using the internet. (I could.)  

If you meet a "content person" and they don't have 500 projects  that they're testing in real life, then you have not met a content person. Pass go and then come talk to me.


Great content, like great art, is a public good. 

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