I am Lori

Storytelling pushes forward our vision of the world.


Storytelling is the difference between a brand and a household name.

Telling a brand story in a typical way defeats the purpose — attention. Making "your thing" sing requires the just 10% more bravery, creativity and heart than the average "thing."

We can make your thing sing together. 

Strategic storytelling for impact knows its audience, its goals, and speaks to those higher desires ... all while connecting with the simplest thoughts and inspirations. 

Put simply, audiences deserve genuine, authentic and original storytelling — and lucky for us all the data proves that this is exactly the type of content that converts.

Let’s make (a lot of) great stuff that helps your brand  --- with the added bonus of making the internet a more genuine, authentic and original place. 

Get in touch for a content overview of your brand — we'll take it from there.


Let's make your thing sing.